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Request FFI @ Your School

Are you the parent, teacher, or school leader of a superhero kid who is autistic or neurodivergent, or are you neurodivergent yourself? Do you want to do all you can to be sure their world is filled with people and peers who understand and accept them for who they are? 


Bring the FFI program to your child's school. We can provide an experienced speaker to facilitate the FFI program to your early-elementary classroom for you. We can provide an approximately 30-minute age-appropriate (typically for grades Pre-K-3) presentation that can include:​

*A discussion and Q&A about autism or neurodiversity and examples of fun ways to play with friends who have autism.

*A short video about autism or neurodiversity.

*A book reading about autism or neurodiversity.

* A craft and coloring pages.

*Songs and games.

*Informational handouts and resources for parents.

~ Currently, most presentations are conducted via Zoom. ~

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