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For Students / Kids

Kids, whether they are siblings, family members, friends, or peers, can be wonderful advocates for the neurodiverse and autistic communities.

Kids are naturally loving, and accepting. When they are passionate about something, they are not quiet about it! If you're a superhero kid who is passionate about making sure everyone is included and everyone is kind to each other, you can be an awesome advocate! You can use the worksheets and information from FFI under the Materials and Resources tabs on this site, to educate your friends and inform your teachers about neurodiversity. As an awesome advocate kid, you can use the FFI materials and resources to:

*Talk to your friends about inclusion and remind them that everyone is different, but we're still all the same.

*Talk to your teachers about the importance of autism and neurodiversity inclusion. Suggest they think about creating a class discussion on the topic.

*Reach out to your school principals, school leaders, district leaders, or school board members to inform them of the imporatnce of autism and neurodiversity education programs and to ask them to considering bringing a formal program to your school or district.

*Contact your local, state, and federal lawmakers and inform them of the importance of neurodiversity and autism inclusion education for general education students in elementary schools by writing letters or sending emails.

*Become a part of the Portrait Project! Draw a self-portrait, tag it, and post it! A quick and simple way to show support!

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